Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Birthday Recap

Well...I don't have a baby anymore.
We officially have a full blown ONE YEAR OLD! 

...For reals?!?!

Chad and I both took Friday off (Benny's actual birthday).  We made plans to swing by his doctor for his 12 month check up then head off to the LA Zoo for some birthday fun!

After a crazy morning of running around and packing for the weekend, we were out the door and ready for the day.  Bennett was in such a good mood that day!  I mean, he always is, but it was as if he knew it was a special day with all his smiles and giggles and oh gosh, those bright eyes!

We got to the doctors and got Bennett's 12 month stats:
22lbs 12oz - 50%
30 inches long - 58%
18 1/4 head circumference - 50%

...I have to say, I was a little shocked when Bennett only weighed in at 22 pounds.  I mean the kid's legs and cheeks have got to be 20 of those pounds alone!!  I guess walking really does lean them out!!

After two pesky shots in the arm, and just a tiny bit of tears, we were off to the Zoo to celebrate Benny's big day!  With it being close to Bennett's morning nap time, of course he passed out on the drive over and also for almost 1/2 of our zoo trip!

...Birthday's are rough!

Once the little guy woke up, we had some lunch and began exploring.  Bennett absolutely LOVED all the animals.  He'd point and make an excited squeal when he would spot them and clap whenever they moved or did ANYTHING.  His favorite was the tortoise!  It was so cute to watch him laugh and point and clap as it walked past us.

After the Zoo, we headed out to Oxnard to my Aunt MaryAnn and Uncle Rick's house.  We thankfully stayed the night there since Bennett's party was just a few mintues from their house.  Not to mention, we love the Zepf's house...especially Bennett!  I swear, one day were going to have to get 2394823 animals because of them.  Bennett just LOVES chasing all the cats and dog around!

The next morning, we all woke up and got ready for Bennett's Birthday Beach Bash and headed to the beach for some sun, food and fun. I, of course am so terrible that I didn't take ANY photos because I was so preoccupied, but thankfully a lot of our family and friends were able to capture the fun!

Benny is so thankful for everyone that was able to come and celebrate his 1st birthday with him.  We are so grateful for all the family and friends that show him so much love, care and concern.  We cannot thank you enough!

...so there's this commerical, I'm sure everyone has seen it a time or two.  But for some reason, Bennett is obsessed with it!  It's a Ceasar's Palace commerical with a very loud, danceable song and no matter WHAT Benny is doing, whether it be playing, crying, eating, you name it...he will stop in his tracks, run to the TV and start dancing and clapping.

...don't ask me why...but Benny lovesssssss Vegas!

For so long Chad and I have been trying to capture it on video, but who knows when a commerical is going to be playing right?  Well finally, I was able to snag the tail end of his Vegas joy!

...silly boy!

Mommy Anaya

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Birthday (Eve)!!

Dear Bennett,

Here we are, on the eve of your first birthday...siiiggggghhhh.

I would have written this tomorrow, but we have such a fun filled day of birthday fun, I'd hate to spend time away from you sitting at a computer.

It's amazing how far we've come since 366 days ago.  There we were, in the middle of downtown LA with a new tiny 5lb baby boy.  You were so tiny and delicate...a far cry from the chubby, daring toddler you are today.

I remember I didn't sleep much the first night.  I just lied there, starting at you - amazed that I was able to create something so perfect.  It was almost like I was dreaming, and if I woke up, you'd just be that, a dream. 

Bennett my son, it's so very simple. 
You are so loved. 

Loved by Mommy.
Loved by Daddy.
Loved by all.

You have a passion and exuberance about you that is so intoxicating.  I swear I can see pure joy shining from your eyes.  You honestly take my breath away.  You stop me in my tracks and make me clutch my chest from the explosions you comission inside my heart.  Your laugh...oh Lord, your laugh.  It is one that I wish I could jar up forever.  Your snuggles and hugs...well, those are just as great.

I truly wish there were words my son, but quite frankly, there aren't.

Bennett, tomorrow you are one.
...but I will love you today, tomorrow, and for as many birthdays as we are blessed with.

You truly are my happiness.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Big Guy

With four days left til Bennett's big first birthday, Chad and I wanted to spend the weekend at home.  It was so, so, so, so, soooooooo nice to just stay home and be a family of 3 this weekend.  I can't recall the last time we've gotten two whole days to ourselves.

Like I've said, Benny is growing literally in front of our eyes.  This past weekend, our little guy solidified the notion that he is no longer a baby, by showing us his many new big boy skills.

Big Boy Skill #1:  Became a basketball PRO

Big Boy Skill #2:  Learned how to open doors...Lord help us!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Closing in on the big O.N.E.

Its July!!!

How in the world did we get here so quickly?!? 

I feel like it was just days ago that I was sending out your birthday invites. But now, here we are, t-minus 8 days until your little self is an entire year old.  Oh Bennett, your babyness is quickly slipping through my fingers.

You're now walking, and exploring a whole new world and its almost impossible to stop you.  You are a boy on a mission to say the least and I cannot help but want to slow down and soak in your final days as my baby.

Are you a baby still?  I don't feel like you are.

You have emotions, wants, likes, dislike...EVERYTHING.  It's amazing and so incredible to watch.  You shake your head "No" when something is unsatisfactory.  You squeal with delight with those expressive eyes of yours when you are filled to the brim with joy.  You dance whenever you hear music, ALWAYS! And you show anger when something just doesn't go your way - something we are working on, but a blunt reminder of just how smart and aware you really are.

This past week was so much fun and such a blur.  We've really been trying to slow down everything we have going on and it's been so nice being able to sleep in, snuggle, play all day and spontaneously adventure out and about. 

Here are some photos from our week:

Mommy made pancakes. 
Benny approved!

Didn't wear pants...again.

Played with our buddy Wyatt!

Snuggled out back on 4th of July...such a rare occasion.

Next time this kiddo may be 1!!!
See you then!