Sunday, September 23, 2012

Patience, please...

We have this joke in the Anaya house, a joke that is more the truth than a joke...but I think for sanity purposes, we refer to it as a joke.

Among the disastrous tornado of toys, the crackers and cookies ground into the carpet, the ripped up magazines and mail all over the floor...Chad and I will pour an adult beverage while looking at Bennett filling our glasses to the brim, sighing, "Look what you make us do!"

Parenting a toddler is SERIOUS work.  I mentioned to Chad yesterday that it's almost impossible to ever let your guard down and to always expect the worst.  

Exhibit A:

While putting dishes away, I glanced over at Benny to make sure all was well with him.  He was playing nicely with his car, pushing himself back and forth across the living room.  Reassured, I began cleaning and just kept my ears directed towards Bennett just in case he felt like getting crazy.

Moments later, I noticed it was quiet...too quiet of you ask me.

I poked my head around the corner to witness...

Ugh...he's seriously CRAZY!

But as much as Bennett is beginning to embrace toddler-hood and all the wonder and fearlessness that comes along with it, Chad and I can't help but absolutely adore how incredibly fun and funny our little 14 month old is.

Bennett, I mentioned you are SCARY smart.
...too smart for your own good.

You watch your father and I do things, and effortlessly repeat them directly afterwards.

Exhibit B:

As you know mommy is CRAZY about working out.  Well after having a rough day at the gym, I came home and practiced my overhead squat form with a plastic pipe.  You laughed and smiled the whole time watching me, thinking it was a fun game or something.

Shortly after I was done, you ran right over to the pipe, threw it over your head and sure enough, started practicing YOUR overhead squats.

I die kid...seriously!

Your personality is so intoxicating Bennett, its just absolutely astonishing.  I find myself struggling to get mad or discipline you because you are just so incredibly silly...just like your Father.

Last week was picture day at your nursery school, and all week we were practicing to smile on cue.  You embraced the on cue part, but the smile part was pretty hilarious!  Every time we'd say "Bennett smile!" or "Say cheese!" - you'd squint your eyes, purse your lips together, and just look outright WEIRD!

Exhibit C:

The amazing part of your life lately Bennett, is just how much you TOTALLY understand everything.  I ask you to do something and you do it...well, most of the time.  

"Bennett, can you put this in your hamper?"...and you do.  
"Bennett, come here!"...and you do.
"Bennett, are you all done?"...shakes head yes.
"Bennett, don't do that!"...well, were still working on this one.

You really are a kid now...something I for so long had been digging my heals into the ground trying to stop.  But lately my son, I've adored your maturity.  I'm embracing your wisdom and wonder and letting your personality shine through the way it was intended to.

You've always been so bright and up our life like the fourth of July.  So colorful and vibrant that its almost impossible not to become entranced.  Your spirit is like magic, my son...filling my soul with childlike happiness and amazement.

You truly are a grown-up trapped in a toddler's body...I'm SURE of it!

Bennett, please continue to teach me.
For so long, I was certain it was supposed to be the other way around...but now, I'm embracing your ability to instruct or more so, behoove me to practice patience. grow as a mother and a wife and to show me what really matters and help filter out what doesn't.

You are so wise my little grandpa boy and I thank you for it.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Playing Catch Up...(Literally)

Last weekend Chaddy and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.  Benny stayed with my parents for a night so we could have a date night then some fun during the day.

It was funny because when all was said and done and Bennett was back home, my mom and dad told us that with just one night of having Benny...THEY WERE TOAST!

It's true...this kid just NEVER stops!

Unless he's sleeping...he's running, jumping, climbing, name it, he's doing it!

We're so crazy lately trying to keep up with Benny, I thought some photos of the crazy little man will speak for themselves:

Chilled with the baby's cousin Presley.

Smiled at photos of Mammie and B-Ba...even though I'm at their house.

Flashed some chompers.

Learned to climb up on the couch...SO DANGEROUS!!!!

Watched Toy Story and snuggled with the baby's Cousin.

Learned to operate Mommy's IPhone camera.

Wore my Zac Hanson shirt...YES!!!

Had a sleepover with B-Ba...also showed him who is remote control boss!