Monday, January 7, 2013

Big News for the Big Boy

It goes without saying that, as of late, I've fallen off the radar from blogging.  Truth be told, this little human I call my son has been getting nothing short of all of our attention lately...and honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.


Bennett has reached a stage that is, well, to be quite frank...incredible.  He's truly a little person that walks, talks, feels and just outright LIVES.

The other day was a big day for us.  Well, mostly for Bennett, but there was a moment that Chad and I stood rather still and just soaked in the fact that we do not have a baby anymore, but rather an adventurous, mature, incredibly sweet and equally funny little boy.

We took down Bennett's baby crib, only to replaced with his very own big boy bed. It was almost sad, looking at his tiny self sleeping like a grown up.  Bennett did amazing and slept like such a professional.  It was so incredibly sweet to hear his little feet pitter pattering down the hall when he woke up in the morning.  He ran into our room so utterly confused, yet proud of himself shouting "Mama! Dada!".

My heart soared.

I now crave to hear those little feet in the morning.

...the best alarm clock around if you ask me.

Bennett my sweet boy, I could go on for hours and days about how much you have changed our lives.  I now understand the meaning of unconditonal love and never ever want to forget it.  You've taught me more about myself in 18 months than I had ever come to learn on my own.  I know I'm impatient and I know I am quick to react, but you love me in spite of that and constantly behoove me to become a better Mommy.

Two nights ago, when I was laying with you in your new bed, your tiny heart almost brought me to tears.  We were just finishing up reading the Lion King when you started to rub your eyes and let out a big yawn.  You then turned over to me, as I was pretending to be asleep, and softly whispered, "Mama?"  I of course, didn't respond, trying to get you to go to sleep, when all of a sudden I felt your tiny lips kiss me on the cheek, pat my face, then turned over and went to sleep.

...Seriously Bennett???

I'm so lucky.
Daddy and I are so lucky.
We all truly are SO lucky to have each other.

I love you my little no pants boy.
Always will.


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