Monday, November 12, 2012

Being Intentional

I've learned a big fat lesson after I became a mom and to this day, I struggle constantly on trying to keep myself intentional.

Intentional you ask???...let me explain.

Chad and I both had an epiphany recently as we sat in church listening to a sermon about happiness.

Where does it stem from? 
How do you distinguish it? 
Are we really truly happy?

Studies have shown that when we obtain or acquire something that makes us “happy”…our happiness levels only jump up 10%...that’s it…only 10%.  That new gadget we want, or those jeans…do they REALLY make you happy?

Well the answer is…yes. 

However, in the grand scheme of this journey we call life, that happiness is so minimal no wonder we are never satisfied and always seeking MORE.  I myself fall victim to false happiness daily…always claiming if I work out more or harder, I’ll be happy with myself.   No wonder I am covered in bruises and have a shoulder that I’m just about to rip off.

Seriously…no wonder.

Saying it just seems so absurd, but unfortunately its reality.
We base our happiness on THINGS and STUFF…all the time.

Anyway, we learned that pure, unadulterated happiness comes from actions, feelings, and occurrences that no OBJECT can ever fabricate...such as giving, sharing, and being connected and intentional with others.

There it is, that haunting word…intentional.

Chad will be the first to tell you that I complain on a daily basis that I NEVER see my friends.  And well, to be quite frank…I don’t.  Let’s face it, life takes over and sometimes months go by before you realize you’ve become disconnected from the lives of those you care about most.

…happens to me all the time and I always need to remind myself to have the intention of reaching out.  To not let life take over but rather take control, be intentional, and keep strong connections with those that lift me up.
My best friend Sarah recently got engaged and I won't melt you to a pile of tears with the amazing proposal, but I couldn't help become so moved by the whole experience of watching someone's happiness unfold in such a deserving and selfless manner.  I sat there wondering why I was so moved by this...not that it was anything short of moving, but in a layer much deeper than that, I was wholeheartedly, without question, incredibly happy for her.  As if her happiness was my happiness if that makes any sense...
Then, it occurred to me...the connection and intention that i have with this one person, my best friend, is what substantiates such a feeling.  If i remember correctly, she cried too when I got engaged but never did i ever think twice about it until now.
The same goes with my two everythings, Chad and Bennett.  Their happiness is my happiness.  They don't care how much I workout or how clean I can keep the house...they care about our relationships and the connections we have.  Like when Chad is sick and I know to love him from a distance because really that is the only time this man is truly grumpy.  Or when Bennett is sleepy and needs his mommy and no one else.  I can't explain it...i just know.  Its our connection and its an amazing one at that.
Such feelings should not go unnoticed.  Such feelings could and should be felt by all.  They are like magic.  Behooving life in the deflated and a rush of joy to the defeated.
I crave for such feelings...and I truly thank those that share them with me. 



  1. I had to stop reading midway so that my coworkers wouldn't see me and ask why my eyes were teary... ya big lovable jerk! Such sweet words! I am so happy and so fortunate to have a friend like you, where we can go (disliked) periods of time without seeing each other but still have the silent connection as if there were no gaps. Thank you so very much for being a part of the amazing weekend. I loved that you and others were there to share it with me <3

  2. Oh and yes, you did remember correctly from when you got engaged! Yay for tears of happiness :)